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What You Don't See

I'm gonna miss that smile, but maybe nothing else
I never really thought that she'd be putting me through hell but
Sooner or later that time is bound to come for everyone

I'll think about her for a while, before you know it I'll be fine
Until I start it all again, another chance to fall in line
But when I'm done playin this game then I will be in always and forever

That's what you don't see in me
You don't trust my judgement or loyalty
Well I don't blame you for feeling the way you do

If I were the one placed in your shoes
Then I'd also get the feeling I was being used
But trust me you're the one I'll always come back to

If you decide to stay, that would brighten up my life
It was really dark until I first saw you that night
But if you go I guess there's nothing left to say to make you change your mind

There's something that you don't wanna see in me
A question of my judgement or loyalty
I'm starting not to care, so do whatever you want to do

Perhaps some demented frame of mind
Struck a chord in this tiny little brain of mine
And now you see my opinions pouring through