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the Inevitable

Please just a little bit of time to put it off
I havenít even really thought it through
I canít seem to get enough
But Iím worried about what may ensue

Right now I feel some comfortable
Things are going my way
So why dive into a free-for-all
And quite possibly throw it all away

Itís time to face the inevitable
For once in my life and not play it safe
Maybe something unintentional
Will come around cause there is much room for change

I donít want to procrastinate too much
Maybe then my change will go away
But if I come around too soon
It could come back to me and push me away

I donít wanna wait too long for the time to come
And I donít wanna wait around for that certain someone
But if itís something already in the cards given to me
Then it is sure to come around...inevitably