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How long has it been since you left me
I know it seems much longer than itís really been
Are any of the things I said still lasting
Do you have them somewhere stirring, buried deep within

Yesterday while I was on the road
I heard our song begin to play
Usually I turn it off so I donít have to think
Of all the times we had that slipped away

I had to let you know I was thinking of you
And I wonder what you think of me
Thereís so much lost time that we have to go
So I will try to be what you want me to be

But then I had a glimpse of conscience
And I thought Iíd give you a call
When you saw it was me you didnít pick up
My life isnít really fair at all

Iím going crazy and itís starting to show
You wonít even talk to me
Someday perhaps youíll come crawling back
But for now Iím taking off this chain you linked to me