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especially you

you hold a grudge, thats nothing that I havent seen
you throw a fit and still manage to keep it clean
im one to judge, your list of threats is running lean
so what is next, that question remains unforseen

i dont know why, but thoughts are still running through
my tired mind, i cant imagine what to do
could pack the bags, and i could start again with you
or stay right here and see the awkwardness renew

you wanna stay, but we cannot persist this way
i struggle back, but simply cant resist your sway
i sit around and manage through another day
ive reached the point where there is nothing left to say

i dont know why, but i cant get the feeling that
its worth a try for me to come crawling back
your head just seems to sit around growing fat
and that to me symbolizes the simple fact

i wont say im sorry
ive paid my dues now im through
i wont say im sorry no
to anyone, but especially you

im tired now, lets skip the formalities
you wanna work out all our abnormalities
dont try to use your boring old analogies
i wont subscribe to any of your philosophies

ill give you that it was worth a shot i guess
but really who were you trying to impress
i wonder if i ever caused you any stress
i bring it up, but somehow you seem to digress

i wont say im sorry
ive paid my dues now im through
i wont say im sorry no
to anyone but especially you