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"Consider Yourself Warned" Album Reviews

"Under 21 Magazine" Review

"This is the first release by this Delaware County quartet that has been playing together for nearly four years but only recently began writing their own material, and for an initial recording, it shows alot of promise. 13 original songs recorded and mixed in one weekend at Satan's Palace in Cherry Hill, NJ, Consider Yourself Warned features a variety of musical styles, from pop-emo and grunge-alternative to reggae and a hip-hop-metal hybrid that all showcase Nick Teti's innovative guitar work. The disc opens with the rip roaring numbers "Losing Sleep", and "So Big So Small", a pair of mid tempo rockers propelled by the band's rhythm section (Kevin Salcedo on drums, and Mark Germanovich on bass), singer Dave McManus understated vocals and Teti's tantalizing leads. Slick Nick pushes a number of pedals while alternating between either riveting rhythms or bold power chords on the choruses and gnarly, squealing leads during the breaks.

The fourth cut, "Especially You" is probably SI's most memorable song to date, an Incubus meets Primus gem. The tune starts with a funky guitar lick that sounds like a sample from a Cyprus Hill joint that is being scratched by a DJ while McManus rips off rapid fire rhymes. After a few bars, Salcedo and Germanovich rejoin the party as the intensity picks up and the band rocks out before Teti reprises his original lead, stretching it into the stratosphere. "Are You Game", a punky pop ditty that features more brilliant guitar work and a catch Weezer-like chorus, and "Crazy Girlfriend", a reggae lilt that echoes the great two-tone British ska bands of the 80's, follow and could easily fit on many college and modern rock radio station playlists right now.

The rest of this self produced CD displays a more than ample ablility for songwriting and the use of hooks, both lyricals and musical. McManus has a knack for clever word play without being too cute or coy and makes the most of his somewhat limited vocal range by an adept use of phrasing and timing. Like new wave pop songster Joe Jackson or Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, he has a devilish schoolboy voice.

At their CD Release Party, the first in a series of All Ages shows at J.D. McGillicuddy's in Drexel Hill, Superimposed infused added energy and depth to their tunes while exhibiting a keen sense of showmanship. When you consider that the band members are all in their late teens, and until six months ago, they were only playing cover songs, Superimposed is super impressive ."

~Bob Denny, Under 21 Magazine